Why Timing is a Better Ally When Choosing Dental Implant Treatment

Comparison shopping is wise. Even so, timing can be a better ally.

Statistics reveal that it’s best to delay the purchase of certain items. For example, post holiday deals are better on big ticket items such as TVs and electronics.

Bargain shopping fits some purchases well. Others, like dental implants, not so much.

Change your perspective

Products belong in the discount bin. You want the best available deal on an automobile, a television, a gaming system, etc.

But matters of health require a different level of due diligence. Your oral health care is best viewed as a process.

Purchase location matters less than price on retail items. You want a quality product from an honest dealer at a competitive price.

Your dental implant deserves more

The treatment is part of bigger picture. Begin by asking yourself why you want or need an implant.

Certain goals begin to emerge when you start with the right questions.

  • Are you replacing a missing tooth or teeth?
  • How long has/have your tooth/teeth been missing?
  • In what ways do you want to change your appearance?
  • How healthy are your gums and jawbone?

These are essential questions. And they come as result of viewing your dental implant as more than a product.

The big picture

Think process more than product. Implant treatment involves a series of steps.

One step in the procedure builds upon another. Your treatment success depends on expertise and thoroughness.

Premier implant providers see more than the cosmetics of tooth replacement. We look at the entire jaw, bone structure, and surrounding teeth.

Our observations lead to a personalized diagnosis and treatment plan. Each step of your treatment plan will lead to comprehensive oral health – cosmetics are simply one of those steps.

A long-term investment not a one-stop deal

Materials account for only a portion of your total implant treatment. You’re investing in the expertise and long-term benefits to your oral health.

Your appearance might be the catalyst for considering dental implants. Use it as motivation for a thorough exam and consultation.

Smile transformation begins on a solid foundation. And dental implant treatment delivers more than surface benefits.

Question: What dental implant benefits are most important to you? Comment.