Think of It as Your Mouth’s Eco-system – Periodontal treatment keeps your oral health in balance

Think of It as Your Mouth’s Eco-system – Periodontal treatment keeps your oral health in balance

Ecologists talk about the balance of nature. They have in mind the interdependent eco-system that exists between plants, trees, and their environment.

Think of your oral health as an eco-system. Periodontal treatment keeps your mouth’s ecology in balance.

Your teeth are the most visible feature of your dental environment. It makes sense to give them the most attention.

Brushing and flossing are, of course, the primary focus of maintaining good oral health. And flossing – commonly overlooked – is actually the most effective periodontal treatment you can do outside of a dental office appointment.

There’s more to your mouth than teeth.

Your mouth’s supportive elements are of equal and sometimes greater concern. Those elements include your gum tissue, tooth roots, and bone.

Periodontal treatment focuses there. Daily brushing and flossing help prevent most periodontal issues but regular checkups with a dental hygienist gives you advance protection.

Healthy gums promote a healthy mouth.

Your gums provide clues about the condition of your oral health. If your gums bleed consistently when brushing or flossing this could be an early sign of periodontal issues.

Communicate with your dental hygienist if bleeding occurs regularly. Your hygienist will check (or chart) the pockets around your teeth to determine the existence and severity of tissue and bone damage.

A periodontal treatment to help avoid periodontal disease

Early treatment of the periodontal areas of your mouth can prevent periodontal disease. And early treatment is the least invasive and most cost-effective.

Scaling and root planing carefully clean your tooth root surfaces. Removing plaque and tartar from the deeper pockets targets the bacteria and promotes periodontal health.

You may require ongoing periodontal maintenance to assure gum and tooth health. Scaling and root planing can help you avoid more comprehensive and costly periodontal treatment too.

Your teeth and gums are vital to your overall health. Keep your mouth’s eco-system in harmony with periodontal check-ups and treatment.

What’s your biggest challenge to maintaining healthy oral hygiene habits?