Sleep Apnea & SnoringSleep apnea is a condition that causes a reduction in air flow (i.e.breathing) while you sleep. Snoring is often the first and most noticeable symptom. Mild Sleep Apnea (MSA) can be treated effectively with an oral appliance that helps open the airway. This resembles a sports mouth-guard that positions the jaws in a way that is more conducive to breathing. Moderate to sever sleep apnea is most effectively treated with C-PAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine. However, oral appliance therapy is a great option for people who have failed on C-PAP or cannot tolerate the mask/tubes. Oral appliances are not a replacement for C-PAP for moderate/sever apnea, but a good addition. These same appliances can be used to reduce snoring in patients who do not have sleep apnea, but desire a better night sleep.

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