Microscope Assisted Endodontics If a patient is in pain from a large filling in a tooth, a fractured tooth, or even an abscessed tooth, Dr. Spina can perform endodontic treatment (which is more commonly known as a root canal) to treat the problem and relieve the pain. Using the Dental Operating Microscope (DOM) the treatment is faster, completely painless, and more successful than traditional root canal procedures.

Dental Microscopy is one of the greatest advances in dentistry in the last 20 years. A dental operating microscope (or DOM) is an adaptation of the microscopes used by medical microsurgeons, like neurosurgeons and ophthalmic surgeons, to allow precise diagnosis and treatment of dental problems. The ability to visualize the teeth 25X their normal size allows Dr. Spina to fabricate restorations that are more precise, longer lasting, and of a higher quality then possible before the DOM. The DOM has changed the standard of care in the dental field. It has enhanced the results of white fillings, cosmetic veneers, prosthetics (crowns and implants), and endodontic procedures.

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