How to Cover Your Oral Health Care Basics

There’s more to your oral health than brushing and flossing. Consistent personal oral health care combined with dental checkups help assure that you’re covering all your bases.

Prevention is worth it. Once you require treatment you’ll understand the value of preventative dentistry.

Make it personal

Dental care starts at home. Protect your teeth and gums with consistent dental hygiene.

Realize that what you’re protecting is more than your oral health. Your mouth reveals much about the current and ongoing health of your entire body.

  • Watch your mouth. Lesions or other oral issues could reveal symptoms of deeper problems within your body.

This is why keeping tabs on your oral health starts at home regardless of your age. You’re never too young or too old to view your teeth as a barometer for your overall health.

  • Brush and floss your teeth daily. And when you do, be aware of any sensitivity in a particular tooth or area of your gums.

Flossing cleans the area between your teeth and into your gum line. If you’re new to flossing, some bleeding is natural but ongoing gum bleeding or sensitivity could indicate the beginning of gum disease.

Pay attention when practicing your daily oral hygiene. If something gets your attention take action.

Call a professional

The ADA (American Dental Association) says,  “100 million Americans fail to see the dentist each year.” This statistic is astounding since regular dental examinations and visits to a dental hygienist can help prevent dental disease.

Pain is a common motivator for a dental appointment. But waiting until your mouth pain is unbearable puts you at risk for more serious health problems and could lead to more costly dental treatment.

Your dentist and dental hygienist are an unbeatable team for helping prevent more serious oral health problems. They are trained to help you…

  • Maintain healthy teeth and gums

  • Provide a  treatment plan when necessary

  • Save you from further costly health issues – starting with your mouth.

Make an appointment

Schedule your teeth cleaning and dental examination  with a dental hygienist every six months. This habit and frequency will keep your oral health current and help prevent the need for dental treatment.

Your role is to cover the basics: brushing, flossing, and scheduling your teeth cleanings and dental exams. Our role – as your dental professional: assist your best efforts, spot potential or current oral health issues, prescribe a treatment plan, and provide dental treatment when necessary.

Working together as a team creates wins for your overall health. And remember: good health starts in your mouth.

Question: What helps you stay consistent with daily oral health care? Share with us.