How Prepared Are You for Tooth Loss?

Maybe you’re one who likes to “file-things-away.” If so, you get credit for thinking ahead and being prepared.

No one plans for tooth loss. But you can “file-away” a solution that will come in handy should the need arise.

Regardless of how it happens, a missing tooth is traumatic. In fact, mouth trauma ranks high on the dramatic life event scale.

The first thing that comes to mind.

Almost reflexively, you will reach for a mirror when mouth or tooth impact occurs.


You’re checking to see the gap and how large it is. This cosmetic-level reaction is normal.

Your smile frames your face. One missing tooth, especially front and center, can alter your appearance.

This alone is baseline motivation to seek a solution. And who would blame you.

As important as your appearance, there’s another reason tooth loss is traumatic.

Your teeth have a practical function. Lose one or more of them and you’ll immediately feel the impact at meal time.

A single missing tooth can impact your ability to chew effectively. Poor chewing can lead to digestive and dietary issues too.

Also, your remaining teeth must compensate for the one that’s absent. This can cause wear and eventually create alignment problems.

What starts with a single missing tooth can transition to damaged surrounding teeth and possible orthodontic treatment challenges.

Let’s go a bit deeper.

Your tooth roots create stability within your jawbone. When tooth loss occurs, the root is damaged or it accompanies the traumatized tooth.

Root loss is a problem also. If your tooth root isn’t replaced your jawbone will begin to atrophy and potentially lead to the loss of other, currently healthy, teeth.

The shift and drift effect.

Tooth movement can lead to misalignment. Untreated tooth movement can cause bite and gum issues – some as serious as periodontal disease.

And we haven’t even mentioned the impact a missing tooth can have on your speech. So, add that to the list of tooth loss drama.

A tooth replacement option to file-away (and use when necessary)

Dental implant treatment replaces your missing tooth or teeth and puts an end to tooth loss drama. Implants are uniquely designed to mimic your natural tooth structure and function.

They improve your appearance with a visible, natural looking crown on the surface. More significant, they create a solid, new tooth root that stabilizes your jawbone and surrounding teeth.

Your jawbone will bond with your dental implant. This process restores the practical function of your missing tooth.

Plan now so you’re prepared later.

Sooner is better when replacing your missing teeth. Having this information on-hand will enable you to respond quickly when you, a family member, a friend, or colleague experiences the trauma of tooth loss.

Contact us about a free consultation. This quick and easy appointment will provide you answers to your tooth replacement questions.