Got Steak? Five Ways to Benefit From Dental Implants

photoIt takes more than a knife and fork to enjoy a delicious steak.

One of my oldest patients, Mr. Jame, is a great example of the benefits of dental implants . This 100 year old gentleman is savoring his steaks now for the first time since he can remember. Dental implants are the reason he can. Stay tuned to our blog for more of his story and others like him.

5 Ways You’ll Benefit from Dental Implants (steak is only the beginning)

1) Watch your mouth

A restorative dental implant replicates natural tooth function. A strong root replacement forms a solid foundation that enhances your ability to bite and chew – without an artificial look or feel.

2) Save face

Tooth loss can lead to bone resorption. Dental implants prevent bone from collapsing and distorting the lower third of your facial appearance.

3) Go natural

Traditional tooth supported bridges lack long term, natural looking aesthetics. Implant supported teeth prevent visible bone defect that’s characteristic in the front of your mouth.

4) No compromise

Dental bridgework requires grinding down teeth adjacent to the missing tooth or teeth. Preserve your tooth structure with a dental implant and avoid compromising existing teeth any further.

5) Go low maintenance

Tooth supported bridges and dentures are high-maintenance and a hassle to clean. Dental implants keep oral hygiene convenient as with natural teeth.

You’re missing more than teeth if you haven’t considered dental implants. And savoring a delicious steak dinner is only the beginning of what awaits your best choice for restorative dental care.

What dental implant benefit appeals to you the most? If you have dental implants — tell us about a memorable meal since having them.