Benefits of Replacing Teeth

When a tooth is lost, why replace it? This is common question when a tooth is lost. To understand why you need to replace a tooth you need to understand the function of teeth.

Everyone knows that teeth are used in chewing. Without proper chewing, proper digestions cannot occur.

Teeth are also important for speaking. Your tongue depends on your teeth to help make complicated letter sounds.

Aesthetics is another major function of your teeth. Teeth maintain the size and shape of your lower face. Without teeth, the form and function of your mouth can be effected.

Once again, why replace a lost tooth? When a tooth is lost, the patients ability to chew, speak, and smile can be effected.

Preventing tooth loss is our goal as a dental practice. However, if a tooth is lost, replacing it to maintain all the functions of your teeth and mouth is important.

Are Dental Restorations Noticeable?

This Simple Dental Restoration is Noticeable (But in a Good Way)

Most people you meet have at least one. If not, their oral health is better than most or you
wouldn’t recognize it if they did. We’re talking dental restorations. More specifically, a dental filling.

Take notice or preferably go unnoticed

Dental treatment could be one of those health necessities that you’d prefer to keep to yourself. Some procedures make that easier than others. The days of metal fillings, for example, are somewhat history. Even so, you see the evidence when someone (or perhaps you) smile. Metal or “old silver” dental restorations have lasted longer than most. Or they’re worn and in need of replacing.

How to know if you’re due for a replacement

A few common symptoms can reveal it’s time to replace your tooth restoration. A toothache, localized mouth pain, sensitive teeth, tooth decay, and gum recession are signs that your restoration could benefit from a replacement. Increase your restoration’s “mileage” and improve your smile Mercury (or metal) free white fillings are a go-to replacement for your old dental fillings. The white material blends with the natural color of your remaining tooth structure and your surrounding teeth.

White (tooth-colored) fillings also help maintain the strength of your treated tooth. And did
we mention that you (or anyone else) won’t notice you have one. Next to having dental treatment when you need it is not looking like you did. White fillings accomplish that making them the next to perfect replacement for your “old” or unattractive dental restoration.

Contact our Wayne dental office about your “old,” unattractive, or failing tooth restorations. Schedule an examination to discuss mercury-free white fillings for a strong, appealing, new dental restoration.

“Did You Say You Could Treat My Gums Virtually Pain-Free?”

What’s the best kind of dental treatment?

First choice would be none because you keep your teeth and gums healthy with routine check-ups and teeth cleanings. A close second and perhaps most popular would be virtually painless dental treatment.

You had me at “pain-free”

Laser dentistry introduces you to a range of dental procedures that are virtually painless. Dental lasers are most commonly used to treat periodontal (gum) disease.

Advanced cases of gum disease can actually lead to surgical treatment. Pain or the anticipation of it are among the top reasons you could delay periodontal disease treatment.

The evolution of gum treatment

Surgical techniques for gum disease have evolved. Numerous dental appointments and referral to a periodontal specialist (periodontist) was once your standard of care.

Gum surgery can require more than one invasive procedure. And any surgical treatment is followed by a period of healing before you can anticipate being pain-free.

Gum treatment has been revolutionized by laser dentistry techniques. You can anticipate reduced treatment time, less office visits, and…significantly less pain and recovery time than invasive gum surgery.

How laser dentistry provides you a more comfortable gum treatment

Imagine having surgery and not requiring an incision. It might interest you to know that dental lasers are not invasive.

The laser used to treat your gums or other oral health issue is hair-thin. The pinpoint technology easily and quickly removes the diseased gum tissue between your teeth and gums.

Dental lasers are also effective for eliminating infection and treating it’s source. Again, this is possible without any necessary or painful incision common with other forms of oral surgery.

Following the initial removal of your infected gum tissue, the dental laser will seal the area of your treatment. You will experience only minor discomfort, little or no bleeding, and the procedure will require no local anesthesia unless you request it.

Recovery from procedures is faster with laser dentistry too. Your complete treatment, healing period, and overall recovery is noticeably improved compared with standard gum surgery.

Laser dentistry enables you to get the necessary (and best) treatment for your gum disease without fear of pain or time consuming appointments.

Contact our Wayne dental office with your questions and concerns about gum disease. Ask us about laser dentistry as a treatment option.

Best Dentist 2015

I’m so humbled and excited to be named “Best Dentist on the Main Line” by Main Line Magazine. I’m so grateful to have so many patients who have supported me over the years! Thank you! I love you all.

Best Dentist 2014 – Main Line Today Magazine

I am always honored when my patient’s vote for me as “Best Dentist on the Main Line” in Main Line Today magazine. This is our 4th consecutive year making the list of “Top Dentist on the Main Line” and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all your votes, friendship, and loyalty.

Exciting Spring: Dr. Spina named “Best Dentist” in MainLine Magazine and ICOI Implant Fellow

I am excited that I have once again been named “Best Dentist” by MainLine Magazine in 2013. I am always humbled that my patients would take the time and effort to nominate and vote for me. Thank you!

As many of you know, I have been finishing my advanced training in implant surgery and prosthetics at Columbia University School of Dental Medicine. I am so excited to report that I have graduated from the program and have been named a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantology. I am one of only a few dentist in the area to have this credential and I am excited to bring this knowledge and skill to my practice.

Dr. Joseph Spina named “Top Dentist”

Thank you ALL for your votes and it is an honor to once again be named “Top Dentist” in Main Line Today Magazine and Suburban Life Magazine. My team and I appreciate the support and are excited that our patients feel so highly about our work. Thank you.



Dental Radiographs (x-rays)

The use of dental radiographs (x-rays) has been used for many years as the gold standard for diagnosis and treatment of dental disease. There have been several news reports about dental x-rays recently, and I wanted to clarify the procedures and protocols we use to take dental x-rays.

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Visit us on a Saturday!

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Spina will now have appointments available on Saturdays. If this is the best time for you and your family, please call or email because these times fill up quickly.

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health issues a Fact Sheet about amalgam (silver) fillings

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health has issued a Fact Sheet about amalgam (silver) fillings that presents patients with the facts and the risks associated with mercury containing fillings. All dentists who practice in Philadelphia County that still place amalgam (silver) fillings must distribute this form to their patients. I have included the form below for your information.
As you know, we are a mercury free practice. We do not place any silver (amalgam) restorations. We used either composite or porcelain materials

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