Can You Handle-the-Truth About Tooth Loss?

“…I want the truth! … You can’t handle the truth!”

If you’re into movie trivia you’ll recognize that court room dialogue between characters played by Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men.

Face the truth. How you hear that statement depends on context.

It implies there’s more to admit. And in some instances there’s more than you care to reveal.

Some truth, on the other hand, reveals itself without any effort on our part. That’s true about tooth loss and your missing teeth.

Your face tells the story.

First, let’s clarify. Losing a tooth affects more than your mouth.

True, the impact starts there. But it’s what happens if you ignore the space left by a missing tooth that can result in more revealing damage.

That single gap can create problems for your entire mouth structure. And that’s only the beginning.

Your teeth help add shape and definition to your face. Even your skin’s texture and structure are supported by your teeth.

When you lose one or more teeth, and do not fill the gap, your face begins to appear sunken. Facial atrophy can add years to your life – making you look older than you are.

A common treatment (for missing teeth) doesn’t solve the problem

The ultimate issue is bone loss. Over time, bone surrounding the missing tooth gap begins to diminish.

Typically, you would choose a dental bridge or dentures to replace missing teeth. These are common tooth replacement options but they do not stop bone loss.

The bone and gum tissue surrounding it requires stimulation to be healthy. A stable structure (like your natural tooth) within the bone tissue stimulates it.

Stronger at the root

Dental implants (unlike dentures or a dental bridge) form a necessary anchor point. An implant is actually fused into your jawbone to support your new teeth and prevent bone loss.

The implant creates a new root. Your bone tissue begins to adapt to it, stimulates its ongoing health, and prevents bone loss.

Dentures and dental bridges allow you to eat, chew effectively, and help maintain the appearance of having teeth.Dental implants function as your natural teeth also, but their stability and bone loss prevention surpasses common tooth replacement options.

Truth is, you lose teeth and you lose more than function. Dental implants can help save-face (literally) by maintaining your necessary facial structure and preventing bone loss.

Question: What tooth loss “truth” do you fear? Appearance? Function? Etc.? Comment.