Dental Implants: Why is it Important to Replace Missing Teeth?

Dental Implants: Why is it Important to Replace Missing Teeth?

Just one missing tooth can significantly impact your quality of life by making normal, everyday tasks such as biting, eating, and speaking more difficult, and in some cases, impossible. Traditional solutions relied heavily on goopy pastes and uncomfortable mechanisms that have proven ineffective at addressing the true issues that arise from tooth loss. However, modern dental technology has paved the way to an alternative for bridges and dentures: dental implants.

Dental Implants Are Great Tooth Replacement Option

Imagine being able to eat whatever you want, and speak and smile confidently again. Dental implants have quickly become the gold standard in tooth replacement because they give you the ability to do just that—and more. Not only are they a more long term solution to their traditional counterparts, but they address tooth loss at the source to reverse the effects toothlessness can have on your smile.

Reverse the Harmful Effects of Tooth Loss

By choosing dental implants, you are choosing to fight against the deterioration of your smile by countering the effects of tooth loss such as: bone loss that results in a sunken-in and aged appearance, further tooth loss, shifting teeth that may lead to a crooked or uneven bite, and failing teeth that are forced to take on more work. Dental implants are a tooth replacement solution designed to reverse these effects by promoting healthy, natural bone growth.

Exploring the Causes of Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is often caused by dental trauma, decay, or bone loss in the jaw. With bone loss, the jaw bone gradually loses density, which means the bone can no longer support the tooth by stabilizing its roots. The result is tooth loss. Without the natural stimulation of the missing tooth, the surrounding bone also begins to recede.

What if You Could Not Only Replace the Missing Tooth, But Reverse its Effects?

Dental implants are made up of three different components: a titanium “screw” that implants into the jaw bone to provide stability and natural bone stimulation, a dental crown that sits above the gum line, and an abutment to attach the pieces together. The result is a completely natural-looking and natural-feeling tooth replacement solution that promotes the re-growth of healthy jaw bone to support remaining surrounding teeth and maintain the health and aesthetics of your smile.

A Flexible Solution to Meet Your Tooth Replacement Needs

Whether you just lost a tooth, have been missing teeth for some time, or feel ready to make the switch from a temporary solution to a more permanent one, dental implants may be right for you. They are a flexible solution that can be used to replace as little as one tooth or as many as all of your teeth. Either way, your smile will look younger and you will feel better being able to take back control of your life. To learn more about the success of dental implants, contact Dr. Joseph Spina III today.

My only regret is not calling Dr. Spina years ago.

Dr. Spina is awesome! It had been about 6 years since I had been to see a dentist when I made my first appointment with him and I knew I had multiple teeth that needed help. On my first visit, we put together a prioritized, step by step plan to address my issues and then over the next few months we just set about checking things off the list. From that first visit to today, everyone in the office has made going to the dentist amazingly easy. They’re all super nice and each of my visits have been quick, pleasant and surprisingly, painless. I’ve even sent a few of my friends and coworkers there and they’ve all had great experiences too. My only regret is not calling Dr. Spina years ago.

—Brent Huntington

5 out of 5 stars

Dr. Spina is kind

Dr. Spina is kind, thorough and talented at what he does. I am extremely impressed with his staff and state of the art equipment as well! The best of the best!

—Jamie Cappelletti

5 out of 5 stars

3 Benefits of Routine Dental Maintenance

You use your teeth every day to smile, speak, bite, and chew–but how often do you think about your dental health?

Your teeth are a critical component to everyday life and keeping them healthy is often as simple as brushing and flossing twice a day and visiting your dental professional for a routine cleaning as often as they recommend (usually every 6 months on average). With the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is easy for these appointments to get set aside unless a dental problem arises. But, if you wait until there is a problem, you already risk scheduling your visit too late.

The following are three benefits of routine dental maintenance:

1. Catch Dental Problems Early

When you visit a dental hygienist for a routine cleaning, they are doing more than just cleaning your teeth. During these visits, your dentist can detect any early signs of dental concerns, such as fractures, broken dental fillings or early signs of oral cancer or gum disease. Gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss, but when caught in the earliest stages, its effects are completely reversible. This saves you the time-consuming struggle of additional appointments, which can quickly become expensive.

2. Save Time and Money

When you schedule your routine dental maintenance, you are giving your dentist the opportunity to not only catch these problems early, but stop them as well. As disease progresses, fillings break or fractures become cracks and you are suddenly looking at a list of expensive dental procedures that will cost a lot more in terms of time and money than routine appointments ever will.

3. Keep Your Smile Healthy Long-Term

By having your dentist fix small dental problems as they arise, instead of waiting for a larger repair when you have no other options, your dental care will be time effective, virtually painless, and much less expensive. Fixing these small dental problems also elongates the life of tooth restorations so you can invest in more long-term dental solutions. If any teeth become diseased or damaged, early treatment can save them and the health of your entire smile. The longer dental problems are allowed to persist, the more at risk you are of losing teeth when repair is no longer possible.

Keep Your Smile Healthy for a Lifetime

If you have recently experienced dental trauma or have not scheduled a routine dental appointment in a while, time is of the essence. By maintaining a regular relationship with your dentist, you can save yourself time and money and ensure that your dental visits stay comfortable and convenient. If you have a dental concern or need to schedule a routine appointment, call us today.

Why Dental Veneers Are Your Solution to a Beautiful Smile

Staining, discoloration, cracks, chips and otherwise imperfect teeth can impact more than just your self-confidence – they can also make everyday life uncomfortable. Uneven spacing and other smile imperfections can significantly change the way you bite, chew, and speak. They often make these normal activities difficult, requiring diet changes and other measures to counteract the effects of the dental irregularity.

Previous restorative solutions have offered some relief from these challenges, but often come up short in terms of offering a comprehensive, long-lasting dental solution that not only improves the functionality of the smile, but its beauty as well. Fortunately, these solutions have paved the way to a modern cosmetic dental solution that really works: dental veneers.

What Can Dental Veneers Do For You?

Dental veneers are a minor, minimally-invasive cosmetic dental solution that may be recommended for the following smile concerns:

• Staining and discoloration from tobacco use, coffees, teas, medications, or natural aging

• Teeth that have been worn down

• Broken or chipped teeth

• Misaligned, uneven, or irregularly shaped teeth

• Teeth that are too far apart (gaps between the teeth)

Dental Veneers Are a Natural-Looking Cosmetic Dental Enhancement

Dental veneers are a thin piece of high quality porcelain that is cemented onto the front, outer-facing portion of your tooth. They are custom designed to replicate the shape, size, length, and color of your natural teeth. This means they blend naturally into your beautiful smile for a virtually undetectable cosmetic dental enhancement.

Choose Dental Veneers for a Lifetime of Benefits

When you choose to improve your smile with dental veneers, you are making the decision to invest in more than just a cosmetic dental enhancement. Your dental veneers will help you bite, chew, speak, and smile normally again, making these everyday activities convenient, all while increasing the confidence you have in yourself.

Dental veneers also offer the following benefits to you and your smile:

• Custom fit and design blends naturally with your smile

• High quality porcelain is designed to last with proper care

• Stain-resistant protection keeps your smile brighter and whiter

Your Beautiful Smile is Possible

If you have been dreaming of a beautiful, functional smile, there has never been a better time to take action with modern dental solutions like dental veneers. This minor cosmetic enhancement offers significant, long-lasting improvement that will leave you with the beautiful smile you deserve. To get started, schedule your personal consultation with a dental professional to discuss your smile needs and desires, and how dental veneers can be the solution you have been waiting for?

Benefits of Replacing Teeth

When a tooth is lost, why replace it? This is common question when a tooth is lost. To understand why you need to replace a tooth you need to understand the function of teeth.

Everyone knows that teeth are used in chewing. Without proper chewing, proper digestions cannot occur.

Teeth are also important for speaking. Your tongue depends on your teeth to help make complicated letter sounds.

Aesthetics is another major function of your teeth. Teeth maintain the size and shape of your lower face. Without teeth, the form and function of your mouth can be effected.

Once again, why replace a lost tooth? When a tooth is lost, the patients ability to chew, speak, and smile can be effected.

Preventing tooth loss is our goal as a dental practice. However, if a tooth is lost, replacing it to maintain all the functions of your teeth and mouth is important.

Are Dental Restorations Noticeable?

This Simple Dental Restoration is Noticeable (But in a Good Way)

Most people you meet have at least one. If not, their oral health is better than most or you
wouldn’t recognize it if they did. We’re talking dental restorations. More specifically, a dental filling.

Take notice or preferably go unnoticed

Dental treatment could be one of those health necessities that you’d prefer to keep to yourself. Some procedures make that easier than others. The days of metal fillings, for example, are somewhat history. Even so, you see the evidence when someone (or perhaps you) smile. Metal or “old silver” dental restorations have lasted longer than most. Or they’re worn and in need of replacing.

How to know if you’re due for a replacement

A few common symptoms can reveal it’s time to replace your tooth restoration. A toothache, localized mouth pain, sensitive teeth, tooth decay, and gum recession are signs that your restoration could benefit from a replacement. Increase your restoration’s “mileage” and improve your smile Mercury (or metal) free white fillings are a go-to replacement for your old dental fillings. The white material blends with the natural color of your remaining tooth structure and your surrounding teeth.

White (tooth-colored) fillings also help maintain the strength of your treated tooth. And did
we mention that you (or anyone else) won’t notice you have one. Next to having dental treatment when you need it is not looking like you did. White fillings accomplish that making them the next to perfect replacement for your “old” or unattractive dental restoration.

Contact our Wayne dental office about your “old,” unattractive, or failing tooth restorations. Schedule an examination to discuss mercury-free white fillings for a strong, appealing, new dental restoration.

This is Essential When You Experience Tooth Loss

You might not expect it. But it happens.

Tooth loss!

Aside from oral trauma, the loss of a tooth or multiple teeth can set in motion a number of threats to your oral health. Delaying treatment enhances your impact risk.

One is all it takes

Depending on where your tooth loss occurs, your appearance is the first to suffer. Next is your tooth function.

One tooth might not affect your ability to eat or chew significantly. Yet the loss of more than one tooth will increase your functional challenges.

One missing tooth is one too many. Your teeth are designed to function as a unit in each arch (upper or lower) of your mouth.

Alignment, bone health, gum tissue health plus daily function are affected when a tooth gap exists.

The deeper issue

It’s not as much the loss of a tooth that causes long-term problems (there are solutions).Your problems mount when you delay tooth replacement (ignore solutions). Each tooth is more than what you see or utilize on the surface. Your tooth roots create stability within your jawbone and how each tooth aligns above your gum line.

Teeth that shift will weaken each root. Weakened tooth roots will begin to impact the health of your bone and gum tissue.

A solution to consider

Since tooth roots are a significant part of your tooth’s anatomy wouldn’t it make sense to replace them at the “root level?” A dental implant does that.

Implants from root to tip provide a secure, natural-looking, and naturally functioning new tooth. A dental implant:

Restores your tooth function and appearance

Adapts to your bone and gum tissue

Preserves the health of your jawbone and gums

Remains stable and will not shift or move

Tooth loss happens

It helps to be aware of the impact…and how to restore it when it does.Contact our Wayne dental office about your missing tooth or missing teeth. Schedule an examination to diagnose your tooth loss condition and discuss your tooth replacement options including dental implants.

What Cosmetic Dentistry Does for Your Health Can Also Positively Affect Your Calendar

A glance at your calendar and your mind begins to race. Right?

The decisions often start with where you’re going, what clothes to wear, and it proceeds from there. There’s another decision that can boost your confidence as your social calendar fills up in the weeks or months ahead.

It’s about dentistry…cosmetic dentistry to be more specific.

Cosmetic dentistry provides health benefits. It also amplifies something else.

Your smile gives you an advantage wherever you go. Plan now to make sure yours does as you prepare for an upcoming class or family reunion, a wedding, a vacation, or other social event you have calendared in the weeks ahead.

Top priority

Your dental health is of utmost importance. The health of your teeth and gums can make-or-break your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry places a priority on your health first. There are restorative benefits that some procedures primarily provide to assure that your oral health is protected and maintained.

White (tooth-colored) dental fillings treat your decay damaged teeth, restore your tooth structure, and improve the appearance of your treated tooth. They are also a recommended replacement for old, worn-out, and more visible metal (silver) fillings.

Dental crowns are another treatment that has a restorative as well as a cosmetic benefit.

Crowns cover your tooth that’s damaged by decay with a natural looking replacement.

A dental crown also provides the functional, surface structure for a tooth that’s been replaced with a dental implant. Your dental crown is designed to perfectly match your surrounding teeth for a healthy aesthetic improvement.

Put a smile on it

Other cosmetic dentistry procedures are dominant smile enhancers. Treatments can include teeth bleaching (whitening), veneers, and orthodontics featuring Invisalign(r).

These procedures noticeably improve the appearance of your smile. Orthodontic dentistry does that plus it improves the alignment of your teeth to assure healthy teeth and gums along with your smile.

Now is the perfect time to improve the health and look of your smile. Contact our Wayne dental office about cosmetic dentistry and schedule an oral examination to discuss treatment options.