Dental Implants: Why is it Important to Replace Missing Teeth?

Dental Implants: Why is it Important to Replace Missing Teeth?

Just one missing tooth can significantly impact your quality of life by making normal, everyday tasks such as biting, eating, and speaking more difficult, and in some cases, impossible. Traditional solutions relied heavily on goopy pastes and uncomfortable mechanisms that have proven ineffective at addressing the true issues that arise from tooth loss. However, modern dental technology has paved the way to an alternative for bridges and dentures: dental implants.

Dental Implants Are Great Tooth Replacement Option

Imagine being able to eat whatever you want, and speak and smile confidently again. Dental implants have quickly become the gold standard in tooth replacement because they give you the ability to do just that—and more. Not only are they a more long term solution to their traditional counterparts, but they address tooth loss at the source to reverse the effects toothlessness can have on your smile.

Reverse the Harmful Effects of Tooth Loss

By choosing dental implants, you are choosing to fight against the deterioration of your smile by countering the effects of tooth loss such as: bone loss that results in a sunken-in and aged appearance, further tooth loss, shifting teeth that may lead to a crooked or uneven bite, and failing teeth that are forced to take on more work. Dental implants are a tooth replacement solution designed to reverse these effects by promoting healthy, natural bone growth.

Exploring the Causes of Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is often caused by dental trauma, decay, or bone loss in the jaw. With bone loss, the jaw bone gradually loses density, which means the bone can no longer support the tooth by stabilizing its roots. The result is tooth loss. Without the natural stimulation of the missing tooth, the surrounding bone also begins to recede.

What if You Could Not Only Replace the Missing Tooth, But Reverse its Effects?

Dental implants are made up of three different components: a titanium “screw” that implants into the jaw bone to provide stability and natural bone stimulation, a dental crown that sits above the gum line, and an abutment to attach the pieces together. The result is a completely natural-looking and natural-feeling tooth replacement solution that promotes the re-growth of healthy jaw bone to support remaining surrounding teeth and maintain the health and aesthetics of your smile.

A Flexible Solution to Meet Your Tooth Replacement Needs

Whether you just lost a tooth, have been missing teeth for some time, or feel ready to make the switch from a temporary solution to a more permanent one, dental implants may be right for you. They are a flexible solution that can be used to replace as little as one tooth or as many as all of your teeth. Either way, your smile will look younger and you will feel better being able to take back control of your life. To learn more about the success of dental implants, contact Dr. Joseph Spina III today.