Why It Matters to Compare a Dental Implant and a Dental Bridge

It’s important to weigh-your-options. You have a choice when considering a missing tooth replacement.

Your solutions often come down to two. For example, dental implants or a dental bridge.

Each tooth replacement option is effective. And each has their advantages.

Before you decide

Let’s explore the primary issue associated with losing a tooth or teeth. The longer you delay filling your missing tooth gap the greater your risk of bone loss in your jaw.

Tooth loss and bone loss affects your surrounding teeth and your gums. Alignment and ongoing deterioration can have long-term impact on your oral health.

A dental bridge is an effective tooth replacement. But it’s limited in preserving your bone and tissue health.

Dental implants on the other hand have a substantial impact on preserving your bone tissue. An implant forms a new tooth root that your gum and bone tissue adapts to following placement.

It’s vital that you not further complicate your oral health by choosing a tooth replacement that might not be as effective given your missing tooth circumstances.

Know your advantages

Your teeth support each other. Tooth roots form the foundation that keeps each tooth secure.

Dental implants are unique. The new tooth root created by the implant secures your functional new tooth (dental crown) on the surface.

Dental implants preserve your bone tissue. This helps prevent damage to your surrounding teeth and additional and more costly dental procedures.

Dental implants are made to last. Your implant has a 95% success rate as a restorative dental treatment and can last longer than a dental bridge.

Compare your available treatments when you’ve experienced tooth loss. Contact your Wayne dentist about the important comparison between a dental implant and a dental bridge.

Schedule a dental examination to discuss your best tooth replacement solution.

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