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Why Dental Implants are THAT Popular and What It Means for You

We hear the term used frequently. It’s become the measure of internet fame.

I’m talking about something “going viral.”

If you could gauge the success of missing teeth treatment there’s one you could safely say has “gone viral.”

Dental implants have gained popularity year after year. The reasons have as much to do with practical functionality as with cosmetic appearance and return on investment.

The procedure is often misunderstood. And some consider it an intimidating option for replacing missing or damaged teeth.

Allow me to alleviate the fear and misunderstanding. In fact, you’ll find the answers to most of your questions about dental implants on this blog.

•How implants function

•The cost effectiveness of dental implants

•Deciding between dental implants and dentures
And the list goes on.

Your concerns are valid.

The decision is ultimately up to you. But it’s helpful to understand the bottom-line benefits of dental implant treatment.

The basics…

• Your dental implant is made of titanium and resembles a small screw.

• It’s surgically implanted in your gums and adapts to your bone tissue forming a new tooth root.

• A crown will be placed on top of the abutment (secured post) to create an appealing and functional new tooth.

The real-deal

Dental implant treatment is somewhat “viral” in popularity because the benefits are outstanding. Missing teeth can create a number of concerns and each one is overcome with your implant procedure.

1-A permanent solution

Your dental implant is commonly a onetime tooth replacement option. The shelf-life of dentures and dental bridges do not typically compare with implants.

Your dental implant is solidly anchored to your jawbone. And it will not loosen or lose its shape throughout the years unlike regular dentures.

2-Lasting durability

Remember your dental implant is made of titanium. This strong metal substance forms your new tooth root.

The crown attachment is crafted from porcelain. It will sustain bite and chewing force in the same way your natural tooth would.

3-Natural appearance

Your dental implant will blend in with your natural teeth. Shading and shape are matched to enhance the appearance of your smile alongside your adjoining teeth.

4-Physically compatible

That’s an easy way to say, “Your dental implant will get along with your gum and bone tissue.” Your bone will actually adapt to the implant and form a new, strong tooth root.

5-Fully functional

Your dental implant will function comfortably alongside your surrounding teeth. Biting and chewing will be evenly distributed onto your implant as it would your natural tooth.

6-Low maintenance

Use common, daily oral hygiene on your dental implant as you would your natural teeth. Careful flossing and brushing around the edges of your crown is essential to prevent the growth of bacteria from infecting your adjoining tooth/teeth.

It’s important to make an informed decision about implant treatment. These days there’s information of viral proportions to assist you with your choice.

I also recommend a face to face consultation in our dental office. You will receive answers relevant to your specific oral health condition.

A Few Cost-Benefit Facts You Might Not Have Considered About Dental Implants

Demand for products and services can drive cost. One trip to the gas pump or your grocer’s produce department is proof of this economic reality.

Dental implant treatment is in high demand today. And this may prompt you to ask:

“Does demand drive the cost of implant treatment up?”


“Can I get long-term, cost-effective benefits from dental implants instead of dental bridges or dentures?”

Your questions can indicate that you’re thinking this common oral surgery procedure might be out of your league financially.

Hold that thought.

Relief comes when you begin comparing dental implants to other, popular, tooth replacement options.

Perspective can save you money.

Tooth loss is traumatic. I don’t need to tell you that, right?

When you’re the victim it’s no surprise that you want a cost effective option. And you want something that lasts without added expense alongside a procedure that restores your appearance.

The “Facts” are in your favor.

Fact: Dental implants are more durable than dental bridges and dentures.

Reason: Your implant actually becomes part of your jawbone structure. When it’s surgically inserted into you bone tissue it is absorbed over time, anchoring your surface tooth (dental crown) to your new tooth root (dental implant).

Bonus: Dental implants prevent movement and bone atrophy in your jaw. Bridges and dentures are not secure like implants.

They shift. And their mobility wears away your bone structure over time.

Fact: Dental implants stay put.

Reason: They will not lose “fit” as your jawbone structure changes. Bridges and dentures change the shape of your jawbone when changes occur.

Bonus: Your dental implant(s) require fewer appointments in our dental office. Less follow-up and adjustments translates to cost-savings.

Fact: Dental implants get-along with your surrounding teeth.

Reason: Your implant is independent yet supportive of your adjoining and neighboring teeth. Bridges and dentures require the support of your adjacent teeth. They can wear down your bone tissue and vital surface tooth enamel.

Bonus: Your dental implant(s) are easier to maintain. They can be brushed and flossed in the same period of time as your other teeth.

Don’t be discouraged about the high demand and perceived cost issues of dental implant treatment. Schedule a consultation to ask all your questions and receive answers about the long-term health and cost benefits of dental implants.