If You Want to Improve the Lifetime Value of Your Dental Implants, Don’t Skip This

You’ve been there. You purchased a product or service on perceived value.

Then it happened! A problem arose.

Now, where’s the support?

No doubt there’s significant value accompanying dental implant treatment. Even better – your support is built in.

What do I mean?

Deciding to have oral surgery is a major step. And you should expect that post-operative protocol is essential to the lifetime value of your dental implant.

Hold that thought on “lifetime value.” We’ll return to that in a moment.

The follow-up factor

Many factors affect the success of your dental implant. Including…

• Preliminary (in our case, free) consultation

• Bone and gum tissue health

• Treatment expertise

• Bone adaptation after placement (osseointegration).

And the all-important topic of the moment…

• Follow-up appointments.

Healing begins the moment the implant is placed. But it is sustained during the monitoring phase.

Don’t miss it!

Why? Because the early stages, following implant placement, is where problems can be spotted, treated, and eliminated.

Typically, expect your first follow-up to be within three to four weeks of your oral surgery. This allows us eyes-on opportunity to check the progress of your healing.

And this is vital to the success of your implant.

The stability of your dental implant relies on how it integrates with your jawbone. Your bone tissue must bond, in a timely way, with the titanium post (your implant).

This process (osseointegration) can require several months. During that time, it’s important that you’re consistent with your scheduled follow-up appointments.

It’s great to feel good and we want to keep it that way.

We hope and plan to provide you a worry-free implant treatment. And frankly, any issues that arise makes it all the more important to be monitored via regular follow-up.

Count on your follow-up appointment frequency to be reduced as time goes by. Within an appropriate amount of months it won’t be necessary.

A shift in your priorities

This where lifetime value comes into view. It’s vital to treat each dental procedure as an essential element of your healthy life plan.

Your new dental implant is no doubt part of that. And even though it’s not vulnerable to decay (as a natural tooth is) the bone and gum tissue it’s placed within is.

Lifetime value for your dental care relies on routine check-ups, dental exams, and teeth cleanings. These regularly scheduled appointments provide consistent monitoring of your overall oral health.

Teeth are for life. And your dental implants are no exception.

Schedule a consultation to determine how implant treatment can replace your missing teeth. And continue to maintain the health of your teeth and gums by scheduling your next dental exam and teeth cleaning.

The Bare Essentials of Dental Implant Treatment

Telling it like it is. First, this isn’t a warning that bluntness is about to occur.

Rather, it’s a cut-to-the-chase…just-the-facts-ma’am list of a few top reasons your choice of dental implant treatment couldn’t be better.

So, without further delay…

A dental restoration as close to natural as possible

Dental implants are more than a surface, cosmetic treatment. In fact, what’s beneath the surface makes them a solid restorative dental treatment.

Your implant comes complete with a new tooth root. A dental implant creates a solid foundation where it counts – beneath the gum tissue in the space your complete missing tooth once occupied.

Your new tooth root (implant) and the visible tooth (crown) on the surface enable you to bite and chew comfortably…and naturally…once again.

Save-face (let me explain)

Tooth loss can set off an avalanche of problems. It’s essential to treat it sooner rather than later.

The reason? Your facial bone structure is at risk the longer you delay tooth replacement.

Following tooth loss the bones in your face will begin to collapse if you delay replacement. Treating the missing tooth gap(s) with dental implants helps preserve your facial bone structure.

Low impact

Your teeth work together. A missing tooth can add stress to the surrounding teeth.

Some tooth replacement options, though practical, can impact the appearance and structure of adjoining teeth. For example, a dental bridge will require surrounding teeth to be altered with grinding so the bridge can be attached.

This compromises the tooth surface and structure. And the results can potentially put your long term health at risk.

Even the clasps on partial dentures can impact surrounding teeth. They can loosen as a result.

Dental implants replace missing teeth without the unnecessary impact on your adjacent teeth. This removes damage potential and creates a healthier mouth.

Smile enhancement

A single damaged or missing tooth can completely change the appearance of your smile. And again, the long term impact of less effective treatments or avoiding treatment can substantially change how your smile looks.

Dental implant treatment creates a natural, smile enhancing appearance. Your implant(s) strengthen your bone, facial structure, and overall quality of your mouth.

Reduced maintenance

Oral hygiene is always important. With dental implants it’s easier.

Clean the crown (top) portion of your implant as you would your natural tooth. Compared to cleaning a tooth supported bridge or denture, your dental implant requires much less daily maintenance.

Lifestyle upgrade

Think of your dental implant treatment as more than a dental procedure. This reduces it to something clinical instead of something transformational.

Taking action is the first step towards improving your life. This applies to implants.

Tooth replacement with dental implants preserves the health of your mouth and facial structure. This is step towards improving your overall mindset about your appearance.

Experience renewed self confidence and self esteem. Smiling is only the beginning of your lifestyle upgrade.

Dental implants also replace chronic discomfort with comfortable eating and chewing. They eliminate the high maintenance of dentures and partials too.

Ask us about all the lifestyle benefits of dental implants. Better yet, schedule a consultation and get all your questions answered on the spot.