Kindness, Good Will and Positive Attitude

“When my University City dentist retired after three decades of providing care to my family, I took the opportunity to seek out a more local dental health practitioner. I was first attracted to Dr. Spina because of his academic excellence at the top of his class at Penn and his many academic awards. While I have been in his care for the last several years, and Dr. Spina handled some difficult issues successfully for me. I am very happy with the results. I appreciate his kindness, good will, and positive attitude as much as his easy proficiency. Dr. Spina is an excellent dentist, and I recommend him wholeheartedly.”

—Hope Dunlap

5 out of 5 stars

Keeping My Pearly Whites Perfect

Dr. Spina and Staff,

Thank you so much for all your hard work keeping my pearly whites perfect! After getting two crowns, my smile has never been better. Every visit (even very early in the morning) is a pleasure with Dr. Spina and his staff, I can’t recommend them enough.

Despite my absolute terror when seeing the Novocaine needle, Dr. Spina is always gentle and I never feel a thing. I hope I never have to see any other dentist.”

—Kit Irish

5 out of 5 stars

The Domino Effect and Your Tooth Loss

The domino effect is interesting to observe. A single falling domino sets off a chain reaction that can cause a limitless number of subsequent actions.

Tooth loss is similar.  Losing a single tooth can set into motion a chain reaction in your oral health.

The unseen issue

It’s what happens after tooth loss that matters. Bone resorption is the wearing-away of vital bone tissue in your jaw.

Bone loss follows tooth loss because your tooth’s root is no longer available to anchor and stimulate the surrounding bone tissue. And you will typically be unaware that this is occurring (out-of-sight-out-of-mind).

Your jawbone depends on your teeth to stay healthy. When your tooth root is missing or damaged your bone will eventually wear away (bone resorption).

Visible results

Bone resorption is more noticeable depending on the number of missing teeth you have. Tooth loss, followed by bone deterioration, changes how your jaw (and eventually your smile) looks.

The natural, clean appearance of your jaw line is altered by bone resorption. Avoiding tooth replacement creates noticeable changes to your facial features and smile.

Before you consider dentures

Understand that dentures are limited in stopping bone loss. Dentures primarily replace the top, visible (crown) portion of your missing teeth – not the roots.

Your dentures begin to fit poorly because your bone tissue is deteriorating beneath them. On the surface your dentures may appear fine but beneath (in your jawbone) is where bone resorption occurs.

A solution to stop the “domino effect” of tooth loss

Dental implants change the game. They literally get to the root of your missing tooth problem.

Certainly, implants provide surface appeal. But their significant benefit is creating a new, artificial tooth root that prohibits bone resorption.

Your dental implant has a titanium post that forms a new tooth root. It eventually will be absorbed by your bone tissue and create a solid foundation for your surrounding teeth.

You also have options if you’re a denture wearer. Dental implants can provide support to a prosthetic appliance if you make the switch and have experienced bone loss while wearing dentures.

Bone resorption is an issue if you’re a denture wearer or have experienced tooth loss. Dental implant treatment can reduce your risk or solve your problem completely.

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