5 Quality-of-Life Treatment Considerations for Your Tooth Loss

What are your thoughts when you lose a tooth? Sure, your mind races – whose wouldn’t?

Will it grow back? (Hey, it’s a normal reaction!) What are my replacement options? Can I live without it?

The underlying thought has something to do with the latter question.How will tooth loss affect my lifestyle?

Will common treatments work (for you)?

Dental appliances are common options for tooth replacement. Dentures and dental bridges lead the list of alternatives for replacing your missing tooth.

The downside? Each can be uncomfortable and ill-fitting.

And this impacts your lifestyle. How, you ask?

You simply don’t look or feel your best. Besides the appearance and comfort issues dentures and dental bridges require replacement sooner>] than another (and perhaps better) alternative.

Improve your quality of life and treatment longevity

Weigh your options when you lose a tooth. Some factors will determine the best and most effective treatment.

Dental implants provide an outstanding quality-of-life tooth replacement alternative. Here’s how:

  1. Dental implants look and feel like your natural teeth. They also connect to your mouth structure (gums and jawbone) creating a strong alternative to your natural teeth.
  2. Dental implants adapt to your mouth’s physical environment. Your implant forms a new tooth root by being surgically inserted into your gum and bone tissue.
  3. Dental implants stabilize your jawbone. It will maintain proper fit and function over time as your natural tooth would.
  4. Dental implants enable you to enjoy your food. Chewing and food choices improve when you select implant treatment for your missing tooth/teeth.
  5. Dental implants help eliminate fear and worry. Dentures and dental bridges can “slip.” Your implant will remain a secure – worry free – part of your smile.

Quality of life is important. Ask anyone who has lost a tooth and delayed replacing it or did so with less effective alternatives.

Schedule a consultation with us. Explore how dental implants can enhance your lifestyle following tooth loss or tooth damage.

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What’s Possible with Dental Implants?

I’ve got “good news” and “bad news.” You know the next question, right?

Typically goes something like… “Which do you want first – the good or the bad?

How about an alternative statement – a choice between good and good?
No borders

When you lose a tooth you want some good news. It’s good to know that these days you can basically replace any missing tooth with an artificial option.

Modern dental implant treatment has stretched the borders of possibility. And it doesn’t matter what has caused your tooth loss.

Periodontal (gum) disease, accident trauma, tooth decay and cavities – you name it. Dental implants give you advantages that it pays to understand.

With few exceptions

For starters, keep in mind that your implant requires a healthy foundation. Your jaw bone and surrounding tissue must be evaluated.

Each quadrant of your mouth – front to back, top to bottom – is capable of dental implant treatment. A key is sizing the implant to fit the environment.

A dental crown (placed on top of your implant) creates the visual appeal. This helps assure that your implant will blend in with your neighboring, natural teeth.

Cover all your bases

Allow our expertise to confirm some additional essentials before proceeding with dental implant treatment.

  • Is your health stable? Chronic health conditions are an important consideration. We will ask you the necessary questions to confirm if a dental implant is a good choice to replace your missing tooth.


  • What is the condition of your jaw bone? Your dental implant needs bone that’s wide and deep enough to hold the implant post. It’s also necessary that you have a mature jaw bone. For example, a child’s jaw bone is still growing and is not ready for implant treatment.


  • Are you open to additional procedures? Oral surgery could make your dental implant a possibility. This is good news if you have insufficient bone or gum tissue.


For the most part, dental implants are a “good news” proposition. The important thing is you have options for replacing your missing or damaged teeth.

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