That’s a Good Question: Important Answers to Common Dental Implant Questions

You’ve lost a tooth or teeth. That’s a problem you shouldn’t ignore.

We’ve talked about timing and risks of delayed tooth replacement. This is especially urgent if you’re considering dental implant treatment for your missing teeth.

Dental implants restore your smile. They also provide a solid structure for your surrounding teeth.

It’s essential to get your questions answered when considering dental implants. Here are a few common questions you should ponder and ask before proceeding with treatment.

“Did someone say ‘surgery’?”

Implant treatment does require oral surgery. And we understand that answer could cause you some hesitation. Get all the facts about the procedure and related process before moving forward. We’re prepared to answer all your questions about the steps and nature of the surgical procedure.

“Is dental implant treatment a good choice for me?”

Be prepared on two fronts. One, dental implant treatment will take an investment of time (it’s not a quick-fix). And two, it requires a financial investment.

Your time and financial commitment will depend on your tooth loss specifics and the scope of replacing your tooth/teeth with dental implants. We recommend an initial exam and consultation before committing to the treatment.

“How much time will the surgery require?”

The placement time-frame of your dental implant varies. Typically the procedure can be completed in an hour.

Be prepared for at least a two-hour procedure. And know that your treatment can be completed in our office using comfortable sedation.

“What can I expect during the healing process?”

You should be able to return to school, work, or your activities the day after your procedure. A few days may be required to return to a full and regular routine.

Recovery can be impacted in a couple of ways. If your implant procedure involves bone grafting or sinus lifting, the recovery time could be lengthened.

It’s important to use common sense following dental implant treatment. Eat soft foods for 24 to 48 hours following your procedure. And follow all the post-surgical instructions we provide to assure that your healing is effective and on schedule.

“Will I have any complications?”

Infection can occur and interfere with your healing. Any infection can also impact your implant integrating with your bone tissue.

Cut your infection risk by following the prescribed antibiotic regime we provide. Keep your mouth and the area of treatment clean.

Also, brush your teeth gently near the implant. And carefully follow additional oral hygiene routines.

Question everything…

It’s important that you’re comfortable asking questions about dental implants. We want you to make an informed decision about your treatment.

Question: What additional questions do you have about dental implant treatment for your missing or damaged teeth? Comment.