Can a Dental Implant Fix This?

“Yes” is a good word. It’s a better answer than the alternative.

Agreement has value. This is especially true when you’re looking for answers to your questions about tooth loss.

Hopefully the answers lead to a “yes!” That is, if you’re wondering about your specific missing tooth – and whether or not a dental implant will work.

Pushing the boundaries

Dental implants are a leading tooth replacement option. And it makes sense given their advantages.

There are various causes of tooth loss. Accidents, dental cavities, or periodontal (gum) disease are the most common.

But you can’t practically control which tooth you lose. This raises a concern if you’re considering a dental implant as a replacement option.

Can I get a “yes?”

Limitations do exist. First, dental implants require a healthy jaw bone.

Bone loss happens. And the longer you delay filling the missing tooth gap, the greater your risk of missing out on the benefits of dental implant treatment.

Let’s keep the conversation moving in a positive (“yes”) direction. Once it’s determined that your jawbone is healthy you can have your dental implant placed in the front or back areas of your mouth.

Dental implants allow for certain appearance adjustments too. For example, if you’ve lost a front tooth, a slimmer implant post can be selected.

The same adjustment can be made for a back tooth by using a wider implant post. And the visible dental crown can be crafted to match your surrounding teeth.

Keeping it on the up-and-up

Your health comes first. So it would make sense that dental implant treatment requires that you have stable health.

Good overall health clears the path for assessing your jaw bone health. A wide, deep bone environment is optimum for implant placement.

What if you have insufficient bone or gum tissue? No worries, there are surgical procedures that keep your implant treatment on-track.

The bottom line? You’re interested in replacing your missing tooth/teeth.

And we’re intent on providing you treatment that is solid, comfortable, and looks natural. If you’re asking if a dental implant is the best treatment option, we believe you know the answer to that question…

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Could Your Dental Implant Success Be a Matter of Timing?

“Timing-is-everything.” “…In-the-right-place-at-the-right-time.”

Are those chance statements or convincing truth? Ultimately, the response is up to you.

Losing a tooth presents such an opportunity. It may seem strange referring to tooth loss as some kind of grand opportunity.

Without sounding trite or cliché – it’s not what happens to you, but what you do with it that matters.  Apply this perspective to your available treatment options when you have missing teeth.

Paying the price with your appearance AND your health

Ultimately, tooth loss affects your overall health. We’ve discussed how tooth loss leads to bone loss.

Some common treatments are ineffective to prevent loss of bone tissue. For example, dentures and dental bridges do not compare with dental implants for the prevention of bone loss.

Let’s talk timing

Dental implant treatment involves a surgical procedure. This is a legitimate concern and raises the question of timing.

It makes sense that you want to fill the missing tooth gap as quickly as possible. First, tooth replacement helps avoid bone loss and second, because it impacts your appearance.

Your timeline for dental implant placement can vary. In many cases, the implant treatment can begin a short time following the loss of a tooth.

If your tooth has been extracted, the process can start once the socket has healed. The redevelopment of your jawbone – following a tooth extraction – is also an essential element of the healing process prior to your implant treatment.

Your dental implant requires an adequate amount of bone to be successful. The available bone material supports the all-important integration of your jaw and the implant.

Advance planning

Take a long-term view of your dental implant treatment. Discuss the details of your tooth loss, current health, and appearance goals with us.

Allow us to thoroughly examine the condition of your tooth location, gums, and underlying bone tissue. We will, first, determine that you’re a candidate for dental implant treatment then recommend a necessary time-frame to assure that your dental implant placement leads to the best outcomes.

Our discoveries verify if your implant treatment can begin immediately. Otherwise, a period of delay could be recommended (6-8 weeks post tooth extraction or 4-6 months post extraction/tooth loss).

Your oral health and appearance benefits are primary advantages of beginning your dental implant treatment as soon as possible. Timing is especially essential for assuring that your jawbone is healthy and capable of supporting the fusion of your implant with the bone tissue.

Question: What are your reasons for delaying treatment for your missing or damaged tooth/teeth? Comment.

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