This Treatment Could End Your Mouth Pain (and Your Insecurities)

Feeling insecure is strong motivation for personal change. Pain is also a factor.

Typically your mouth isn’t the first place you target for change. But mouth pain or the insecurity caused by missing teeth can certainly get your attention.

Full mouth reconstruction is an option to consider. You’ll feel better about your appearance and improve your oral health at the same time.

Missing teeth are just the beginning

Tooth replacement is a top priority. If avoided, missing, damaged, or broken teeth can lead to more serious dental issues and expensive treatment.

It’s the damage you can’t immediately see that should concern you. Your jaw, bone and gum tissue are at risk when you prolong treatment for tooth loss.

A broken tooth can impact your bite and create unnecessary wear on your teeth. Tooth wear can lead to jaw and neck soreness, headaches, even migraines.

Full mouth reconstruction replaces missing or broken teeth. It also strengthens and restores healthy jaw and gum function.

Neglect, injury, even preventative dental care (that needs replacement) can damage your teeth. Restorative dental treatment can help reverse the damage.

You might be a candidate if…


  • You have worn, chipped, or broken teeth


  • You have missing teeth


  • You experience chronic jaw pain, or if your jaw clicks or pops


  • You have ongoing headaches, back pain, and muscle tenderness


Tooth damage can cause these symptoms and more. We can diagnose and recommend a specific treatment plan for restoring your mouth and help eliminate your symptoms.

Unique and specific treatment

Our recommended full mouth restoration will be unique to you and your dental issues. Your teeth, jaw, and gums will be evaluated first.

It’s important to consider your best treatment options. Full mouth restorations can be complex. Your specific treatment will be determined by our initial diagnosis.

Treatment could include:


  • Tooth fillings


  • Root canal treatment



  • An oral appliance to improve your bite


  • A mouth guard or a night guard


  • Veneers



  • Tooth bonding


  • Orthodontic treatment and braces


You should expect a full mouth restoration to involve time. In some cases, your treatment could require a year.

It’s important to have your dental needs evaluated. Treatment specifics and time vary with each full mouth restoration.

The best first step

Speak with our office. Allow us to evaluate your teeth, jaw, gums.

The first step is the most important. It’s a move that can end your insecurities and eliminate your mouth pain.

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Why Timing is a Better Ally When Choosing Dental Implant Treatment

Comparison shopping is wise. Even so, timing can be a better ally.

Statistics reveal that it’s best to delay the purchase of certain items. For example, post holiday deals are better on big ticket items such as TVs and electronics.

Bargain shopping fits some purchases well. Others, like dental implants, not so much.

Change your perspective

Products belong in the discount bin. You want the best available deal on an automobile, a television, a gaming system, etc.

But matters of health require a different level of due diligence. Your oral health care is best viewed as a process.

Purchase location matters less than price on retail items. You want a quality product from an honest dealer at a competitive price.

Your dental implant deserves more

The treatment is part of bigger picture. Begin by asking yourself why you want or need an implant.

Certain goals begin to emerge when you start with the right questions.

  • Are you replacing a missing tooth or teeth?
  • How long has/have your tooth/teeth been missing?
  • In what ways do you want to change your appearance?
  • How healthy are your gums and jawbone?

These are essential questions. And they come as result of viewing your dental implant as more than a product.

The big picture

Think process more than product. Implant treatment involves a series of steps.

One step in the procedure builds upon another. Your treatment success depends on expertise and thoroughness.

Premier implant providers see more than the cosmetics of tooth replacement. We look at the entire jaw, bone structure, and surrounding teeth.

Our observations lead to a personalized diagnosis and treatment plan. Each step of your treatment plan will lead to comprehensive oral health – cosmetics are simply one of those steps.

A long-term investment not a one-stop deal

Materials account for only a portion of your total implant treatment. You’re investing in the expertise and long-term benefits to your oral health.

Your appearance might be the catalyst for considering dental implants. Use it as motivation for a thorough exam and consultation.

Smile transformation begins on a solid foundation. And dental implant treatment delivers more than surface benefits.

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The Impact of Long-Term Thinking on Your Oral Health

What’s on your wish list? Having one helps when it’s your birthday, during the holidays, or when planning your New Year goals.

Some items are perpetual. Yet health related ones – especially missing teeth replacement – should be prioritized.

We’ve talked about alternatives for tooth loss. Bridges and dentures come to mind along with dental implants.

It’s time to think long-term

Keep your long-term thinking simple for the moment. Let’s consider the next 12 months.

You could begin to transform your oral health care in a shorter time span. For instance, use the New Year as a springboard basic dental hygiene habits (consistent brushing, flossing, and exams and check-ups every six months).

There’s still the issue of your missing or damaged teeth. This takes a longer view of things. But don’t fret.

There are no “quick” fixes. Especially those that deliver cost effective, lifelong benefits.

Starting now, explore dental implant treatment as the most viable option for missing teeth replacement. You can begin to experience noticeable results in a few months.

Damage “control”

Out-sight-out-of-mind is a common mindset. But it’s not healthy when you have missing or damaged teeth.

What you can’t see could be “hurting” you. The issue is the void left by a missing tooth.

You teeth can shift. This causes a number of dental issues.

One common problem is malocclusion. Your teeth can become misaligned.

Misalignment can cause your teeth to become crowded or crooked. Malocclusion is treatable with orthodontic braces.

It’s important to deal with your missing teeth sooner rather than later. A dental implant provides cost effective, long term damage control.

Look good

Gaps and voids caused by missing teeth are treatable. That said it’s easy to grow accustomed to the damage done.

You’ve discovered that doing so can lead to more significant tooth problems. Besides it’s healthy for your body and your esteem to replace your missing tooth or teeth.

Dental implants provide an attractive tooth replacement solution . Implant treatment restores your smile.

Implants are designed to look like your natural teeth. And they’re a healthier alternative because they actually help restore your jaw’s bone health.

Feel good

Health should improve your confidence. Oral health conditions like tooth loss or tooth damage can lead to reduced confidence.

Increase your self-esteem with a proven treatment for missing teeth. Dental implants restore your oral health and with it your sense of well-being.

The treatment process reveals the benefit of good oral health too. And it affirms the value of taking personal responsibility for it.

Decide now that this will be the year you take control. Fill the gaps caused by your missing teeth.

Introduce yourself to a renewed appearance and sense of well-being. Dental implant treatment is a good, long-term investment in a new you.

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