There’s More Missing Than a Tooth

Your adult teeth are designed to be permanent. Losing a tooth or teeth in adulthood can lead to dental problems. You have replacement options, including dental implants.


Gaps are only the beginning

Naturally, appearance dominates the missing tooth discussion. Your smile and your self-esteem take a hit too.

Missing teeth  impact more than your smile. They also leave gaps in your physical health.


Food is meant to be enjoyed. Chewing naturally enhances your dining experience.

Imagine what you’ll miss if “gumming” your food is the only option. Don’t limit yourself to soft food choices by avoiding your missing teeth.


Verbal communication is essential. The position of a missing tooth can affect your speech quality.


Force affects your jaw when biting and chewing. It also puts stress on your existing teeth when compensating for those you’re missing.

Crooked teeth

Your existing teeth can shift. And you could encounter jaw pain as a result of tooth movement.

Tooth decay

Tooth movement places pressure on your adjoining teeth. Spaces between them can narrow. And those difficult to reach spaces between your teeth are difficult to clean. This can lead to a buildup of dental plaque, cavities, and gum disease.

Bone loss

Your teeth share a partnership with your jawbone. Missing teeth leads to bone deterioration and shrinking gums.

Aged appearance

Tooth loss causes your jaw to shrink. Your face structure can collapse causing your skin to sag.

Close the gap

Missing teeth have a domino-effect on your oral health. The extent of your dental problems is affected by treatment.

You have options including full or partial dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants. The most stable treatment plan  for missing teeth is a dental implant.


Consult with our office to determine if dental implant treatment is right for you. Replacing your missing tooth or teeth is a priority.

We will offer you the best personal solution. Visit our office regularly to prolong the life of your teeth.

And when your teeth go missing trust our available solutions to maintain full function.


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Appearance Aside – Why Dental Implants are a Superior Treatment

Vanity is popular. No doubt it’s a deciding factor in the choices you make.

Even so, replacing a missing tooth isn’t only about vanity. Though (keeping it fair) it’s certainly a factor for selecting dental implant treatment.

Dental trends are migrating towards cosmetic dentistry. And you may be among those who want your teeth to look like they did before tooth loss.

Appearance aside

You can fill your missing tooth void a variety of ways. A dental bridge and dentures are options.

There are advantages and disadvantages of each. Primarily weigh the long term wear and replacements costs.

Dental implants are cosmetically superior. They’re also a consistently cost effective, long lasting tooth replacement choice.

Cost considerations

The price point for dental implants can be intimidating. Three thousand dollars is a fair minimum for replacing your tooth with a dental implant.

Keep a long-term perspective when you’re concerned about the expense. Compare the up-front cost to the longevity of the treatment.

For example, dental bridges have an average life span of 10 years. Your dental implant can last a lifetime.


Superior materials, placement procedures, and professional experience support dental implants’ growing credibility. Surrounding teeth also require less, if any, supportive treatment alongside your implant.

Will it work for you? Maybe.

Dental implants are effective. But they’re not right for everyone.

An honest diagnosis must trump popularity. A professional dental exam can determine if your tooth loss will benefit from a dental implant.

There’s no advantage to a mistaken diagnosis and related treatment. Your overall oral health is the priority.

A dental implant could be the best treatment for your tooth loss. And if it is, you’ll discover that looking good is only the beginning of your treatment satisfaction.

Question: Beyond appearance, why does dental implant treatment appeal to you? Comment.

How to Make an Informed Decision About Your Dental Implant Treatment

An “educated guess.” Ever heard someone say that?

Don’t apply guess-work to your dental implant treatment. You have too much at stake.

It’s more than an appearance issue

The mirror doesn’t lie. But it’s not the only deciding factor for your oral health.

Ceramic (tooth-colored) crowns and ultra-thin veneers deliver results. And dental implants are fast joining the restorative solution mix.

Science and statistics prove success. Add longevity and you can’t go wrong with dental implants.

Get informed

Web searches work. But there’s more to selecting a dental professional than a web presence.

Dental implants have history. Make sure your dental provider has some too.

Education, equipment, experience, and practice environment are worthy investments. Explore your dental professional’s protocol for implant success.

  • How experienced are they?

  • How many implants have they placed?

  • Who are their “raving fans?” (more about this in a moment)

Go with winners

You don’t need to settle. Dental implant products are backed by scientific research.

Count on proven, long term success. New and latest implant technologies may be poor substitutes.

Getting-what-you-pay-for applies. The loss of time, money, and treatment results are difficult to overcome – so choose wisely.

Own your treatment

Ask about your treatment time line. Today’s dental implant technology can deliver results with less appointment time.

Get acquainted with the treatment. Diagnosis, implant preparation and placement are our expertise.

We also involve lab technicians along the way. Give us your input to assure that your appearance satisfies you throughout the treatment.

Listen to what others are saying. Get acquainted with our patient testimonials.

Experience counts. Many are happy to share every step of their implant treatment.

Talk to our team. Scheduling, treatment questions, post-treatment follow up are essential to a successful dental implant treatment.

Remove the “guess-work” from your dental implant procedure. An informed investment assures a successful treatment.

Question: What’s your deciding factor when considering dental implant treatment? Science? Experience? Testimonials? Dental practice team? Comment now.