Dental Implant: Factors You and a Hollywood Beauty Have in Common

You immediately recognize her dazzling beauty. It has landed her on the covers of popular magazines. What you may not know is that behind Christy Brinkley’s bright smile are dental implants. Missing or damaged teeth can happen to anyone – even those with star power.

Brinkley encountered the need for dental implant treatment when a helicopter she was riding in crashed en route to a back country ski trip. Among other traumatic results, she experienced the fracture of two back molars.

Your missing teeth story may or may not have an equal amount of drama. But however you experience tooth loss, the results can be traumatic.

Your first reaction to missing or damaged teeth is most often a cosmetic one. You don’t like how you look, especially if tooth loss has occurred to your front or visible molars .Brinkley experienced fracturing to her back molars. Though less visible and having less impact on her radiant smile she chose dental implant treatment.

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How do you feel about dental implant treatment knowing there’s a celebrity connection?

10 Solid Reasons Dental Implants Are Your Best Choice for Missing Teeth

Did you wake up one morning and discover you have missing teeth? If you do you sleep deeper than most.

Trauma or neglect is a common cause of tooth loss. When it occurs suddenly or over time you have three typical choices.

You can ignore it. Doing so puts your overall oral health at risk along with your appearance, and diet and lifestyle choices.

You can select the inexpensive alternative of dentures (full or partial). Even though the cost is less, there are plenty of reasons to choose a more solid alternative.

We’ve covered some appealing aspects of dental implants here. The most significant is how a dental implant actually creates a stronger tooth root than your natural tooth.

Thank titanium. The primary reason besides strength is its compatibility with your body.

We’re all about implant treatment. And in case you’re wondering why, check out the following…

Top Ten Reasons Dental Implants are a Solid Choice for Your Missing or Damaged Teeth.

1-You will look good.

There’s a reason your appearance will improve. It’s because dental implants look more natural than removable dentures or partials.

Your dental implant is anchored to bone. It creates an  attractive replacement for your missing tooth or teeth.

2-You will feel good.

Missing teeth can be embarrassing. But what about replacements that move, shift, or even fall out. That’s an embarrassing blow to your confidence.

Dental implants will not move. Eat, talk, and go about your life with confidence.

3-Simplify your life.

No one enjoys pain and hassle. Dentures can create both.

Sore spots often result from wearing dentures. And there’s the nightly cleaning and daily application of adhesive to keep them in place.

Dental implants are low maintenance. Simply maintain them as you would your natural teeth.

4-Strength rules.

Implants are strong and durable. Replace missing teeth for a lifetime with dental implant treatment.

5-Eat better.

Enjoy eating what you want. Unlike removable dentures your meal choices are less complicated with dental implants.

Your ability to chew food with implants is comparable to your natural teeth. Chewing efficiency is 20 to 25 percent with dentures compared to 80 percent with an implant supported prostheses.

6-Taste improvement.

Full upper dentures cover the roof of your mouth. This affects your ability to taste your delicious food. A dental implant keeps your taste buds unhindered so you can enjoy every meal.

7-Increased nutrition and health.

With dentures some foods are off limits to you. Eat from every food group with dental implant treatment.

Add fruits and vegetables back into your diet. And enjoy healthier food choices with dental implants.

8-Speak clearly.

Dentures can have a negative impact on your speech. Word formation can be unclear when your teeth slip within your mouth.

Dental implants help you maintain clear conversations. And this builds your confidence in your important relationships.

9-Cut your losses.

It’s easy to lose or misplace your removable dentures. Dental implants are one less thing to manage since they cannot be removed or misplaced.

10-Bone survival.

Bone Loss occurs with removable dentures. This causes them to shift, fit poorly, and require ongoing adjustment – even replacement.

Dental implants perform like natural teeth. This aids in stimulating bone survival and necessary growth.

There you have it. Ten substantial reasons dental implants are a superior treatment alternative for your missing or damaged teeth.

Reflect on the Top Ten list. What point(s) gives you hope and confidence for missing teeth replacement?