How Dental Implants Restore Your Courage to Eat

Many of our fears are irrational. But some – particularly those having to do with tooth loss – are real.

Think about your childhood fears. Remember those nightly shadows in your bedroom you were certain were monsters ready to pounce?A desperate call for mom or dad revealed the truth. What you imagined to be a creature was nothing more than your coat and cap draped over a chair or a doll tossed in the corner of your room.

Fear is a real emotion. It’s magnified as we age and our bodies begin to wear down due to neglect or trauma. And your teeth aren’t immune.

Tooth loss is scary.

For example, losing teeth impacts the ability to chew. Chewing difficulties cause us to fear certain foods.

Intimidating foods include corn-the-cob, apples, and of course a thick, delicious steak or a sweet rack of bbq ribs. Food should be enjoyable, not scary…right!?

But here’s one fear you can eliminate – tooth loss doesn’t always result in modifying your eating habits.

However, tooth loss does change the quality of your diet. Occasionally an increase in fatty foods or those high in cholesterol will replace healthier choices.

Some foods such as those with a higher carbohydrate or sugar ratio are chosen over meats, raw fruits and vegetables. Also, replacing teeth with dentures doesn’t guarantee an improvement in food choice.

 Strong teeth and the ability to chew are essential to a proper diet. 

Dental implant treatment restores the natural ability to chew. Aside from consulting with a registered dietitian, you’re better equipped to enjoy a healthy diet when your teeth function according to design.

Dentures are one alternative. But there’s always the fear of slippage or (perish the thought) having them fall out while eating.

Dental implants restore your chewing function. You can choose what you eat and when.

Food is for your enjoyment. It’s unnatural and unnecessary to fear your dietary choices.

Stay in control of your diet. And when tooth loss occurs, dental implants are the comfort you need day…or night.

What foods do you/would you miss the most due to tooth loss?