Lasers in Dentistry: Treating Dental Implants

We are using Dental Lasers and Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy (LAPT) to help more and more patients. Recently, we used our laser to treat periodontal disease around a dental implant.

 A patient was referred to our practice to evaluate a  dental implant that he was told needed to be replace. Dental implants can develop periodontal disease (a gum/bone infection), a condition know as peri-implantits. This type of infection around a dental implant significantly decreases the lifespan of the implant and can cause it to ultimately fail. Using the dental laser, we were able to  remove the harmful bacteria (decontaminate) from the bone and gums around the failing implant. This, in combination with antiseptic rinses, treated the infection. This allowed the gums to re-attach to the implant and increase the life of the implant. Most importantly, we were able to give the patient a viable option besides removing the implant and replacing it with a new one.

 This type of treatment is really exciting for both the patient and myself. It is just an extension of the developing field of LAPT.

Dr. Joseph Spina named “Top Dentist”

Thank you ALL for your votes and it is an honor to once again be named “Top Dentist” in Main Line Today Magazine and Suburban Life Magazine. My team and I appreciate the support and are excited that our patients feel so highly about our work. Thank you.